Listen to new Radiohead song ‘Ill Wind’

Song is the new track from 'A Moon Shaped Pool' special edition

Radiohead have released the new song from the special edition box-set of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

‘Ill Wind’ is one of two bonus tracks on the box-set, which was sent to fans yesterday (September 29). The other song is ‘Spectre’, the song the band wrote when they were approached to write the theme for the James Bond theme of the same name before it ultimately went to Sam Smith.

Radiohead had already released ‘Spectre’ last Christmas, but ‘Ill Wind’ hadn’t been officially heard until the box-set. It’s from the same sessions produced with Nigel Godrich as the rest of the album.

As well as the expanded 13-song CD, the £60 box-set includes the album pressed on two heavyweight vinyl discs, a 32-page art book and a half-inch piece of tape from the original recording sessions of one of Radiohead’s albums from ‘Kid A’ onwards.

The tape features approximately three-quarters of a second of music, with the tape slowly becoming unplayable over time. The band said in a statement when the box-set was first announced in May: “We thought rather than it ending up as landfill we would cut it up and make it useful as a part of the special edition. A new life for some obsolete technology. You may have silence, you may have coloured leader tape, you may have a chorus… It’s a crapshoot.” They added that they’d kept copies of the master tapes.

The design of the box is based on a series of 78rpm records at French library La Fabrique.

Radiohead play at Austin City Limits Festival in Texas tonight (September 30), before finishing their shows this year at the festival’s second weekend next Friday. Thom Yorke told Radio 1 earlier in September that Radiohead will tour next year. They are among the favourites to headline Glastonbury next year, along with The Stone Roses, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran.