Presidential debate viral star Ken Bone loves Radiohead

Undecided voter-turned-meme takes part in Reddit AMA

Ken Bone, the US Presidential debate audience member who went viral online, has said that Radiohead are his favourite band.

The second Presidential debate took place last Sunday, with Bone asking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about their energy policies. The undecided voter became a hit online, mostly due to his love of red sweaters.

Bone took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Thursday (October 13) and was asked who his favourite musicians are. His response: “Radiohead is my all time favourite, nobody blends genres like Thom Yorke and the boys.”


Snoop Dogg recently reached out to Bone, offering an invitation for the pair to smoke together. The rapper again reiterated this on Reddit, to which Bone replied: “I’m in LA late next week, maybe we can hook up. Big fan here. My dad wants to roll wit da Dogg big time, you me and him could do some tight stuff.”

“That didn’t sound cool at all, did it?”, he added.

It recently emerged that Ken Bone used to be in a Christian rock band. A former bandmate of Bone, Joshua Burkett, told Mashable that the pair were in a band that played “Christian pop covers from the 90s and 00s”.

Burkett described Bone as a “pretty good drummer” who “had all the chicks.” On Facebook, he added, “My ultimate claim to fame in life will be that I was once in a band with the legend Ken Bone and that we spent two summers cruising around our hometown picking up chicks — me failing and him succeeding.”

Asked if Bone wore a red sweater during gigs, Burkett said: “No, but he could rock a Crocodile Dundee hat like no other.”