Christian group labels Thom Yorke a sinner enslaved by ‘pornography and witchcraft’

Radiohead frontman used in social media image warning against the lure of Satan

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has appeared in a social media post by a Christian group which warns against the lure of Satan.

The New Generation For God describes its mission as being to “return the supernatural power of God to the streets” and to “radically help and bless all prostitute, alcoholic, transvestite, homosexual, lesbian, and drug addict with the Supernatural Love of Jesus”.

The group’s Twitter account recently posted a picture listing the “8 things that Satan uses to enslave you and destroy you”, which included drugs, pornography, avarice, atheism and witchcraft.


However, the picture also includes an image of Yorke to depict an example of a sinner. The same photo was previously used to sell medication in Russia and featured on the cover of a book in Iran about sexual and marital problems. It is not known whether the group’s use of Yorke’s image was intentional or not.

Thom Yorke has also put together a special “bedtime mix” for BBC Radio 1. Yorke’s playlist of “tunes to fall asleep to” includes tracks by Laurie Spiegel, Luke Abbott and James Holden, as well as featuring a solo version of the Radiohead song ‘Bloom’ which the frontman performed at a charity gig in Paris last year.

Meanwhile, Radiohead are asking fans to submit a one-minute clip for their next music video.