Thom Yorke confirms Radiohead are two days into studio sessions

The frontman posts a series of drawings and artwork on Twitter

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has confirmed that recording has been taking place at the Radiohead studio for at least two days.

In the latest update in a recent flurry of Twitter activity, the frontman tweeted that he was with Stanley Donwood – the band’s long-time collaborator who has designed all of their album and poster art since 1994 – going through 15 years’ worth of unused artwork and words.

In addition, he wrote that overdubs were happening in the Radiohead studio on the second day of recording.

Thom Yorke has been teasing fans all week with bits of information about forthcoming work. Yesterday, he posted an image of the lyrics to Radiohead track ‘A Wolf At The Door’ with some new lines added.

On Monday, he linked to an image of a white vinyl 12-inch record playing on a turntable, which led fans to speculate that there could be new music coming soon. A link to the image, which Yorke posted on his Tumblr page, was also tweeted by another long-time Radiohead collaborator, producer Nigel Godrich.

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway recently revealed to NME that the band are due to begin sessions on the follow-up to their 2011 album ‘The King Of Limbs’ this month and said that they felt it was the right time to “start making music” together again.

He later told BBC 6Music: “There’s always that sense that our best record is still to come… There’s still a lot creativity we can do together.”

Selway will release his new solo album ‘Weatherhouse’ on October 6. Speaking to NME recently, the drummer was asked what a new Radiohead album may sound like. “I have absolutely no idea,” he said. “And that’s what keeps us all there until the end.”

Earlier this month Radiohead updated their PolyFauna app with new music and visuals.

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