Radiohead member says he ‘blew Kanye West’s mind’ while talking about religion

Guitarist Ed O'Brien says the rapper 'wasn't really interested in me at all'

Radiohead member Ed O’Brien has spoken about the time he “blew Kanye West‘s mind”

Guitarist O’Brien was speaking on the Ninja Tune podcast, the podcast from the London label of the same name. Appearing in part two of a new episode with the Invisible frontman Dave Okumu, the musician detailed an encounter he once had with the rapper.

“Okay, I’m going to namedrop here,” he began. “I had an evening with Kanye West about four years ago in Rio [de Janeiro] during [the annual] carnival. He wasn’t really interested in me at all. Not at all… His wife was even less interested in me, it’s just that a mutual friend put us together for the evening.”

“But I did say to him, ‘If you asked pretty much any British musician whether they believed in God, I’d tell you that 99% of them would say, ‘Don’t be stupid, of course not’.’ It blew his mind. He was like, ‘You cannot be serious.’ He was John McEnroe for a moment.”

Listen to the full episode here or on iTunes. The Kanye West part comes at the 11.50 mark.

The Invisible’s new album ‘Patience’ is out now. Read the NME review.


In the first part of the podcast, O’Brien talked about liking ABBA and how Mamma Mia gave him “spine tingles”.

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