Radiohead launch Chinese ‘weibo’ web blog

Band launch web presence in China, despite public opposition to country's human rights policy

Radiohead have launched their own blog in China, despite having been critical of the country’s human rights record in the past.

According to Yahoo, the band have recently launched a page on the ‘weibo’ site of Chinese internet portal ‘Weibo’ translates literally as “micro blog” and has been labelled as the Chinese-equivalent of Twitter.

Although the band have only posted a single message, which reads: “Testing the weibo”, the account has been confirmed to be genuine by, which checks the authenticity of celebrity’s ‘weibos’. The account already has over 40,000 followers.

The launch will comes as a surprise as Radiohead have been outspoken in their criticism of Chinese policy on various issues. They have performed at a Free Tibet concert in the past and campaigned for the release of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize last year. This included attempting to raise awareness about Xiaobo on their official website.

The band will not be able to make such comments on their ‘weibo’, as the Chinese government maintains a strong control on politically sensitive messages and dissident campaigning.