King of Limbs artist says latest Radiohead album is ‘transitory’

Stanley Donwood explains the reasons for using newspaper styled artwork and clear vinyl

Stanley Donwood, Radiohead’s longterm artistic collaborator, has revealed the inspiration behind the newspaper themed artwork for the band’s most recent album, ‘The King of Limbs’.

The album, which was released digitally in February, has received mixed reviews. The physical release of the album happened on March 28.

“The whole idea of this album was to have something that was almost not existing, so we chose clear vinyl and the newspaper format,” said Donwood.

He added that the band’s previous album ‘In Rainbows’ “was this big, heavy, substantial thing– if you were determined, you could have killed someone with it! It was very much a definitive statement, and that isn’t where the band are at the moment.”

“Where they are now is more transitory. When a newspaper comes out, that doesn’t mean news stops, what you have is just a snapshot of how things were at the moment that newspaper was printed. And similarly, this album shows where Radiohead are at the moment the record was released.”

In an interview posted on Pitchfork Donwood also revealed that he still hasn’t listened to the final version of the album:

“I haven’t heard the album yet – not properly, not finished, not since it was being made. I’m waiting for the record company to send me a 12″ version!”