Radiohead fans give their reactions to ‘Staircase’ – video

Debate underway at NME.COM/blogs

Radiohead fans have been giving their opinions on the band’s new track ‘Staircase’, which you can hear by scrolling down and clicking at the bottom of the page.

The debate is underway at NME.COM/blogs now.

The song, which is a bonus extra from the Oxford band’s unique session for producer Nigel Godrich‘s From The Basement project – a podcast turned TV show – has been met with mostly positive reactions.

NME.COM user Joseph Ollerton loved it, calling the track “freaking awesome”.

Jack Semmence was equally positive, he wrote: “Love it, much more of this please Radiohead.”

Sam Jones was also keen, calling the song “better than anything off ‘The King Of Limbs’“.

Scott Carpenter–Beare hated it though, saying: “It’s shit, just like every other pile of dog wank they’ve created. Cheer the fuck up lads!”

Trace Hull also wasn’t having any of it, calling ‘Staircase’ “pretentious crap”.

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