Radiohead share ‘Desert Island Disk’ interpretation video by Adam Buxton

The clip is the third in a series of takes on tracks from 'A Moon Shaped Pool'

Radiohead have shared a new interpretation video of their track ‘Desert Island Disk’, created by Adam Buxton.

The British comedian, writer and actor has provided the third in a series of short clips by artists inspired by tracks from the band’s ninth album, ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

The vignette shows a close-up of a field of flowers, but hits a stumbling block when a group of white flowers have to buffer before appearing in full.


Watch the clip below, via Pitchfork.

The next offering in our series of Friday vignettes comes courtesy of Adam Buxton

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Last night, Radiohead made their live return to London for the first time in four years. The band headlined the Roundhouse in Camden, playing the first of three shows there and performing for two and a half hours.

Frontman Thom Yorke jokingly berated bandmate Jonny Greenwood after the guitarist made an error during the intro of one of their songs.

During their first of two encores, Greenwood mistakenly played a harmonica instead of the ondes martenot, leading to Yorke mocking him for his error before asking the crowd: “You in a hurry?”

Watch the incident below. Greenwood makes the mistake at the 0.42 mark and Yorke raises his fist after they finally get it right at 2.50.


Radiohead played the following songs in all:

‘Burn the Witch’
‘Decks Dark’
‘Desert Island Disk’
‘Ful Stop’
‘Lotus Flower’
‘Talk Show Host’
‘My Iron Lung’
‘The Gloaming’
‘Exit Music (for a Film)’
‘The Numbers’
‘Everything in Its Right Place’
‘Morning Mr. Magpie’
‘2 + 2 = 5’
‘Planet Telex’
‘There There’
Encore 2:
‘Present Tense’
‘You and Whose Army?’
‘Paranoid Android’