Radiohead manager: ”The King Of Limbs’ release is logical progression’

Chris Hufford speaks about band's new album

Radiohead‘s manager Chris Hufford has described the release plan for the band’s new ‘The King Of Limbs’ album as a “logical progression”.

The record will be released as a paid-for download on Saturday (February 19), then on CD and 12-inch vinyl on March 28.

In 2007 the band released their ‘In Rainbows’ album as a pay-what-you-like download before it came out physically in 2008. As well as calling the new paid-for download a “logical progression”, Hufford said he was trying to look after the band’s interests by charging this time round.


“Our allegiances are to the band,” he said. “We manage Radiohead, we don’t manage retail or labels, we just manage the band and are just trying to do the best possible thing to allow another brilliant record to be embraced by the fanbase.”

‘The King Of Limbs’ will also be released on May 9 as what the band are billing as a ‘newspaper album’. The package features the album on 10-inch vinyl and CD plus artwork sheets designed to look like a newspaper.

Radiohead fansite crashed under the weight of hits yesterday (14) morning as fans searched for information about the new album.

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