Radiohead: ‘We nearly split up in 2007’

Ed O'Brien says 'In Rainbows' 'half killed us'

Radiohead‘s Ed O’Brien has revealed that the band came close to splitting prior to the release of their latest album ‘In Rainbows’.

The guitarist explained that because of the lengthy recording process of the 2007 LP, the question of whether they would continue was “in the balance”. He said the success of its release plan, for which fans could choose how much to pay to download the album, made them decide to carry on.

“The recording of the album took three years,” he told music business website “Which is a long time by anybody’s standards. It’ pretty much half killed us. Whether the band would continue was very much in the balance.”

He added: “It was empowering [the release format]. You can’t put it into a balance sheet, this feeling of empowerment. It completely rejuvenated us as a band. It got the creative juices flowing. You can’t put a price on that. That’s the stuff that keeps you going.”

O’Brien also criticised the music industry, saying that it was time to change to address illegal file-sharing.

“It’s an analogue business model in a digital era,” he said. “The business model needs to change. Certain parties scared of doing that. What you’ve got to do is license out more music, have more websites selling it, more Spotifys. You’ve got to make it slightly cheaper to compete with peer-to-peers.”

Radiohead are currently working on the follow-up to ‘In Rainbows’.