Radiohead manager launches new record label

Brian Message helps oversee artist-friendly label Polyphonic

Radiohead manager Brian Message has launched a new record label, Polyphonic, which will allow artists to keep their copyright.

Although specifics details have not been released, the new company’s policies look set to place emphasis on the digital distribution of music and may see release plans similar to Radiohead‘s 2007 album ‘In Rainbows’, which fans could choose how much to pay for when downloading it.

Polyphonic is a joint venture between Message‘s company ATC and management firms MAMA Group and Nettwerk Music Group, reports the Telegraph.


Artists are likely to get a 50 per cent share of profits, with their share increasing with success.

Outlining the principles of the label, Adam Driscoll, co-chief executive of MAMA Group, explained: “We will do whatever is most effective to get an artist noticed. Giving an album away for free may get one million people listening to a new artist.”

It is yet to be announced which acts will be working with Polyphonic.

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