Radiohead urge fans to follow Barack Obama’s climate change lead

Thom Yorke has asked US fans to sign the Stop Climate Change petition

Radiohead have urged people to follow Barack Obama lead and sign a climate change petition.

In a post on the band’s official Dead Air Space blog, frontman Thom Yorke asked the band’s US fans to add their names to the Stop Global Warming document, which already has over a million signatures.

“Currently there is talk of a climate change bill in the US similair [sic] to the one we have passed in the UK. That’s a BIG deal,” he wrote.

“I have been reading how the oil industry is investing millions of dollars in a PR campaign against it! How utterly dumbass is that? How do these people look their children in the eye?” he continued.

It not the first time Yorke has referenced the US president – last year he released a remix of his 2006 solo song ‘Harrowdown Hill’ in celebration of Obama’s election victory.