The band tell NME.COM that the follow-up to 'Kid A' will be with us very soon...

RADIOHEAD plan to release their follow-up to ‘KID A’ in March or April, 2001, preceded by a single, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM last week, bassist Colin Greenwood said the band were already recording more new material, but that they planned to take Christmas off.

Of the new, as yet untitled album, Greenwood said: “We’ve got to sort it out! But we’re very happy about it, really excited.


“(It’ll be out in) March/April time maybe. We don’t know yet but we want it to come out then. We’ve got enough music.”

He explained that some of the songs destined for the new album had emerged during recording sessions for ‘Kid A’, but that most were completely new.

“This is really more things again,” he continued: “(We’re) keeping it going, y’know, not be like a boring rock band and do an album every two years.”

He also said he was “very happy” about the success of ‘Kid A’ in the US – but said the band felt partly to blame about the mixed critical reaction in UK press in that they should have sent promos copies of the album out earlier to let journalists “live” with the album.

“I think the one serious regret we have is that we didn’t give the record to journalists a longer time away from the release – I think a lot of people are into it now they’ve lived with it for a while, because it’s a great record.”

For a full interview with Colin Greenwood about the new Radiohead album, see this week?s NME, out in London today (November 21) and nationwide tomorrow (22).

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