The Paul Oakenfold remix of 'Street Spirit' has been blocked from release - but find out how can you hear it...

The PAUL OAKENFOLD remix of RADIOHEAD’s ‘STREET SPIRIT’, blocked from release by the band, can be accessed through NAPSTER, NME.COM can reveal.

As reported on NME.COM on Monday (November 6), it was thought the remix would never see the light of day after the band decided to block it from release.

The DJ had reworked the track from Radiohead’s second album ‘The Bends’ for use while DJing, and intended to include it as part of a compilation album.


Oakenfold told Irish online magazine [url=]www.oceanfree.net: “We were going to release that on ‘Planet Perfecto’, but unfortunately the band Radiohead, as far as I’m concerned, don’t like dance music so they wouldn’t allow us to do it. They would have got the publishing money obviously because it is their song. It will now never be released.”

He continued: “I like the challenge of taking a track and making it work in a different way. It’s always the purists who don’t like it. They’re always moaning, the purists, you can never keep the anoraks happy.”

However, a number of people have now made the track available via [url=]www.napster.com.

In other Radiohead news, mystery surrounds a proposed webcast of the band’s show recorded at the Toronto Air Centre on October 17 as part of a short tour of the US and Canada.

An audio stream of the show was scheduled to commence on November 2, but due to various licensing problems, the show is yet to be posted. The show is expected to be played soon. When it is, to access the show, [url=]Click here….

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