Arcade Fire’s Will Butler reviews new Radiohead album: ‘It’s good for daydreaming’

'The piano sounds throughout are homey, dull and creaky in a lovely way,' Butler adds

Arcade Fire‘s Will Butler has offered his thoughts on Radiohead‘s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, calling it “a good album for daydreaming”.

Writing on The Talkhouse, Butler compared Radiohead’s new music to the work of singer-songwriter Owen Pallett because he believes that “‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ starts off sounding like an Owen Pallet record”.

Butler also revealed that he is enjoying listening to ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ with what he calls “normal daily electronic interruption”.

“It feels appropriate to have ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ aurally intertwined with my daily life because while it is not a frisky album, it is a lively album,” he explained.

“For the most part, each swell and sound on the record sounds like it has a purpose. It’s like walking through the forest and seeing the different parts of the ecosystem jitter and slime around you – there’s no weighty artificial plan, but everything’s moving for its own intrinsic reason. The unison choral parts on ‘Decks Dark’ and ‘Present Tense’ don’t function as abstract ominous omen. They conjure up the melancholy and community of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’.

“The piano sounds throughout are homey, dull and creaky in a lovely way,” Butler concluded. “It’s a good album to have slipping from the foreground to the background to the foreground again. It’s a good album for daydreaming.”

Radiohead released ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ on May 8 and saw it go straight to Number One in the UK. The band have since opened up the album to a number of visual artists and posted several pieces of new artwork online without explanation.