Stars come out for Radiohead in LA

The band play first of two sold-out shows at Hollywood Bowl

Radiohead thrilled a massive, star-studded crowd at their first of two sold-out shows at the Hollywood Bowl last night (August 24).

The band brought ‘In Rainbows’ to Los Angeles for the very first time, concentrating primarily on the new album but also pulling out old favourites including ‘Pyramid Song’ and ‘Paranoid Android’ during their two-hour and change set.

Thom Yorke said very little between songs, letting the music speak for itself. Two Tibetan flags adorned the stage, along with a four-panel screen and electronic “icicles” that hung from the ceiling and changed colours throughout the night.

Fans packing the 17,000-capacity included Leonardo DiCaprio, Elijah Wood, Tim Roth, Patricia Arquette, Seth Green, Heather Graham, Danny Masterson and Christina Aguilera. Much of the crowd remained on their feet throughout the set — a rare occurrence at the seated, laid-back venue.

During songs’ quieter moments, the crowd roared its approval, prompting modest “Thank you’s” from the band throughout the night.

The band returned for two extended encores, putting their set over the two-hour mark. “This one was influenced by a certain bar in LA and a certain type of person you might meet there,” Yorke said when introducing ‘Paranoid Android’.

Radiohead‘s only apparent blunder came during the first encore, when Yorke stopped ‘Street Spirit’ dead in the middle. “Bollocks,” he said. “Should I carry on with it?” The crowd cheered back in response, and the band carried on flawlessly.

Radiohead played:

’15 Step’

‘There There’

‘Morning Bell’

‘All I Need’

‘Pyramid Song’


‘Weird Fishes’

‘The Gloaming’

‘National Anthem’

‘Wolf At The Door’

‘Faust Arp’

‘Exit Music’



‘Climbing Up The Walls’


‘How To Disappear Completely’


‘Paranoid Android’

‘Dollars And Cents’

‘Street Spirit’


‘House Of Cards’


‘Everything In Its Right Place’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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