Thom Yorke backs Glastonbury green credentials

Radiohead might play festival next year

Thom Yorke has denied that Radiohead turned down headlining Glastonbury 2008 because they disapproved of the festival’s ecological footprint.

As previously reported, the singer apparently criticised the festival’s transport plans.

However, the frontman has explained that his comments in The Sun newspaper were taken out of context.

In a posting on, Yorke said: “I mentioned that we were not playing Glastonbury this year but were doing our own shows in London. Not because of transport issues but because the festivalgoers at Glastonbury were more than likely sick of the sight of us. It felt a little early to be doing it again, we felt as if we had only just played there (the band previously played in 1994, 1997 and 2003, the latter two being headline slots).

“Unfortunately, as is the way with such newspapers, my words were taken out of context and implied we were not playing Glastonbury because there was no public transport infrastructure. Well, that’s bollocks.”

The frontman also added that the band may play next year’s festival, saying: “Maybe see you there in 2009? Maybe?”

Yorke then went on to praise the organisers of Glastonbury festival for their efforts, saying: “Today Emily and Michael [Eavis] sent me though some stuff about how they are trying to minimise car use as much as they can with buses and train trips, etc.

“To be honest, it’s pretty impressive. They have obviously been busting a gut about it. I wish more people were thinking as hard as them. Like the government for example.”

Glastonbury takes place between June 27 and 29, fans must register for Glastonbury’s anti touting measures by tomorrow (March 14) to be able to buy tickets on April 6.