Radiohead back catalogue finally available on iTunes

Thom Yorke and co.'s work released on the download service at last

Radiohead‘s seven studio albums are now available to download on iTunes.

The music is available to download alongside recent record ‘In Rainbows’, which appeared on the portal in January this year.

The Oxford band are one of the last big namers to have their tracks available through iTunesThe Beatles being the last remaining major British band whose music is not available through the service.

Radiohead had abstained from having their music on the music portal as they wanted fans to buy their albums whole – Apple make single tracks available to buy as well as complete albums.

The group however changed their minds after moving labels, from EMI to XL, when releasing ‘In Rainbows’, which ‘officially’ came out in January this year after beign available to download free from October 10, 2007.

Radiohead aren’t the only band to quibble signing up to iTunes though.

Garth Brooks, who is just behind The Beatles in all-time US record sales, has refused to let his music become available on iTunes.

Much like Radiohead once thought, he believes fans should only be able to download full albums as that is how they were made to be heard.

He told BBC News: “We do albums, we have always done albums.”

Brooks then added: “There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in the digital downloading world before we introduce our music to it.”

Brooks is not alone though – AC/DC have stopped their material from appearing on iTunes – the band signed an exclusive deal with US mobile phone operator Verizon instead.