Radiohead make new video – without cameras

Band use 64 lasers to make promo

Radiohead have made a video for their new single ‘House Of Cards’ without using any cameras.

Performances by Thom Yorke, actors and extras were captured by using structured light and lasers.

Sixty-four lasers were used in the Velodyne Lidar process, shooting 900 times a minute to capture large scenes, while structured light was used to ‘film’ close-up scenes.


In a similar manner to Radiohead‘s ‘Nude’ ‘stem’ tracks, where fans could download the individual parts of the single, the band are making data from the video available to allow people to make their own short clips.

Thom Yorke explained the band’s decision not to use cameras, saying: “I always like the idea of using technology in a way that it wasn’t meant to be used, the struggle to get your head round what you can do with it.

“I liked the idea of making a video of human beings and real life and time without using any cameras, just lasers, so there are just mathematical points – and how strangely emotional it ended up being.”