Thom Yorke: Radiohead albums make me ‘difficult’

Singer admits creative process ruins his day

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has admitted that making albums turns him into a difficult person to live with.

The singer explained that his partner has so far not listened to latest album ’In Rainbows’ because she has to put up with the awkward character Yorke becomes while recording.

“I think my missus isn’t ready to hear it [’In Rainbows’] yet. Having seen me go through the mill making it,” Yorke told Rolling Stone. “It’s a difficult thing for her to watch me go through the whole process. She doesn’t like it. So she’s not exactly ready to listen to the music.”

Ask if he thought his partner, Rachel Owen, would prefer it if he stopped making albums and stayed a happier person, Yorke agreed she probably would, adding that recording made him a difficult person to live with.

“[Does making a record make me a difficult person] to live with? That’s about a 100% true, yes,” admitted the Radiohead man. “She does it, though.”