Radiohead’s ‘eco-friendly’ tour secrets revealed

The backstage set-up of the current jaunt explained

Liars, who recently supported Radiohead on the first leg of their US tour, have praised the band for taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint as they travel and perform.

The band revealed the lengths to which Radiohead go to to minimise emissions and waste created by the process of touring.

Writing on the Liars MySpace blog, the band revealed that they were given tour water flasks to drink from, rather than use disposable cups which are bad for the environment.


They also explained that all the tour buses and trucks used on the tour run on biofuel, and that air freight is banned.

In a gushing blog the band wrote: “In a world full of fear and ripe with insincerity it’s such a relief to have met Radiohead. They are purveyors of truth, beauty and a moral responsibility to the planet.

“We’ve been welcomed with literal open ams and thoroughly schooled on how to function as a band – not just musically, but ethically, too.

“The important thing for us to make clear is just how awe inspiring this production is. We’re not sure if there’s any information made public about the efforts Radiohead go to to reduce their environmental impact, but there should be.”

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