Radiohead 93 Feet East gig: fans’ verdict

Crowd give their opinions on Radiohead's intimate London gig

Radiohead fans lucky enough to get into the band’s intimate show at London’s 93 Feet East venue last night (January 16) have given their verdicts on the performance.

All the fans NME.COM spoke to straight after the show were unanimous in their praise for Thom Yorke and co, with most thrilled at the fact that they had seen the band in such a small venue.

Will Luton, 19, from Halifax said: “It was bloody amazing, that’s all I can say about it really. It got a bit too crowded, but it was always going to be like that. How many times do you see a band that big in a place that small?”

Daniel Thorpe, 19, from Kenall said: “It was just perfect. For such a massive band to play something like this, well, I doubt they ever will again. We feel properly lucky.”

“It was shit hot,” said Richard Yates, 33, from London. “To be honest the queue was horrendous because it was freezing, but no pain no gain. They could have just played three songs in somewhere like that and it would’ve been enough. But it sounded like they enjoyed themselves from start to finish. My favourite song was ‘The National Anthem’, but the highlight for me was getting Jonny (Greenwood)’s guitar pick at the end.”

Banu Demire, 31, from Istanbul said: “It was just awesome. I loved all of it, but my favourite song was ‘The Bends’.”

Sam Hall and Sashi Dharan, both 21 from Melbourne, said: “We’re pretty psyched by it. We’re coming to the end of a long period travelling, so we were up all of last night. Then when it got to the morning we heard about this gig. We never thought we’d get it but we had to give it a go. It was brilliant. We hadn’t actually heard the new album because we’ve been travelling, so we missed the download, but it sounded pretty awesome.”

“I thought it was great how they played ‘My Iron Lung’ and ‘The Bends’ at the end because they don’t play those songs very often,” said Matt Smith, 23, from London. “They saw that everybody had been queuing all day and they wanted to give people a treat at the end. But I would have been happy with just the new album. They had a proper sense of humour onstage it seems.”

Rebecca Meplan, 21, from New Zealand said: “It was just brilliant, amazing. We queued for six hours and we still didn’t think we were going to get in. We were so happy when we got handed wristbands. The change in the venue and the delay just made it all the more special when it happened. I think that might have been the gig of the year already, and we’re only two weeks in!”

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