Radiohead add ‘Reckoner’ to fan remix website

Fans can upload their efforts online now

Radiohead have today (September 23) released six ‘stems’ of their ‘In Rainbows’ song ‘Reckoner’ on iTunes, and are allowing fans to upload their remixes of the song to

The project has been launched as a follow-up to Radiohead’s ‘Nude’ fan remix project. In April they allowed fans to upload their remixes of the single, then vote for their favourites.

Remixers who buy the ‘Reckoner’ stems within two weeks of launch will gain access to a GarageBand file to aid them with remixing.

The stems set for release consist of ‘lead vocals’, ‘backing vocals’, ‘guitars’, ‘bass’, ‘drums’ and ‘piano/strings’. Remixers can add their own instrumentation to the mix.

As was the case for the Radiohead’s ‘Nude’ fan remix project, fans can vote for their favourite remixes uploaded onto The efforts are ranked by vote in a league table.