Radiohead new album: what YOU are paying for the record

Fans tell NME.COM how much 'In Rainbows' is worth to them

Radiohead fans have told NME.COM how much they will pay for new album ‘In Rainbows’ after the band left it up to them to decide.

As previously reported, the band are releasing their seventh album as a download first on October 10 and fans can name their price.

Since then you’ve been telling us how much you’re going to give Radiohead for their new record, and from those responses the average the band look like making on each album is £5.

However, a lot of you have been telling us you’ll be shelling out £40 for the “discbox” deluxe version of the record, which will be shipped in December.

The response to the band letting fans name their price has been extremely positive, with many people praising Radiohead for taking a new approach to album pricing.

Here are some of the comments you’ve sent us so far:

Chris Rogers:

“I paid £10 for it. They deserve it. I’m just glad they’re back making music. It’s hard to put a price on it.”

Andrew, Calgary, Canada:

“I’ve pre-ordered the album for £7.50. That’s the standard price of a CD here in Canada. It is because Radiohead made the album available for free that I have decided to pay. They have rejected the branding and commercialism standard in the music industry. Absolutely amazing, this band is.”

Rafael Castillo, 26, Venezuela:

“I paid £0.00. I actually wanted to spend at least eight US dollars, but in my country there is an exchange control and we have a limited amount of dollars. I don’t feel good getting this for free, and I’m upset I can’t get the discbox for the same reason.”

Lee, Bexhill-On-Sea:

“Anyone who thinkgs £2.50 is a fair price is taking the mickey. You have to pay for the water that comes into your home, you have to pay to watch TV, so why do people think they should be given music free?”

Mike Wakelam, 27:

“For a normal CD the dealer price is around £9. The record company gets 25 percent, leaving £6.75. I’ve heard artists get 18 percent of that, which is £1.215. So I’ll pay £1.22.”

Aaron Wood, Edinurgh:

“I’m putting forth £10. This move is both insane and genius! It could make Factory Records losing money on every copy of ‘Blue Monday’ look like a brilliant business plan.”

Glyn, Birmingham:

“I’ve paid £1. There are loads of music fans like me who don’t actually pay for music anymore so perhaps Radiohead will end up making just as much money as they would have if they released it properly.”

Jason, Sydney, Australia:

“What price do you put on happiness? For me, £7.99. Now let’s see how many cheapskates try and download it free.”

How much will you pay for the new Radiohead album? Do you think the move will change the way music is sold forever? E-mail your thoughts to with Radiohead as the subject and we’ll keep on eye on what the band will be making.

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