Radiohead: ‘In Rainbows’ is our classic album’

Thom Yorke compares new album to Beatles and Bowie

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has explained that the band believe new LP ’In Rainbows’ is their classic album.

The singer explained the band deliberately aimed to make the record around 45 minutes long, reflecting the length of some legendary LPs.

“I believe in the rock album as an artistic form of expression,” Yorke told The Independent. “’In Rainbows’ is a conscious return to this form of 45-minute statement.


“Of course it was possible to make it shorter, but our aim was to describe in 45 minutes, as coherently and conclusively as possible, what moves us.”

He explained that in doing this Radiohead set themselves some very high targets to live up to.

’In Rainbows’ is, at least in our opinion, our classic album,” he declared. “Our (Lou Reed’s) ’Transformer’, our “The Beatles’) ’Revolver’, our (David Bowie’s) ’Hunky Dory’.”

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