Thom Yorke: ‘I downloaded Radiohead album for free – for my mum’

Singer explains why he didn't pay for 'In Rainbows'

Radiohead have revealed that 15 fans paid the maximum amount for ’In Rainbows’ when the band allowed fans to name their own price for the download of the album last year.

The record was released online in October, and those wanting the record could set their own price anywhere between getting it for free or paying the upper limit the band set.

“£99.99, that was the limit we had set beforehand and until now 15 (have paid that for the album),” Thom Yorke told The Independent. “And I swear the band members are not among that 15.”

In fact Yorke has already admitted he downloaded the album for free, though today (January 3) he said he usually pays for his downloads.

“I always pay, well I got our own album from our webpage free of charge,” he explained, though claimed he did it with the best intentions.

“I wanted to play my mum the new songs and downloaded them on to her computer,” he said. “A journalist found out and he announced immediately that I wouldn’t pay for music from the internet. But why should I pay for my own possessions and in practice, just shovel my money from one pocket to the other? That’s ridiculous.”

He said that he was not bothered by the fans who downloaded the album for free but explained: “If you think our songs are no good after listening to them, that’s a pity indeed.”