Radiohead set for first Number One of 2008

'In Rainbows' to finally enter charts

Radiohead are set to claim the first Number One album of 2008 on Sunday (January 6).

Following the physical release of the band’s album ’In Rainbows’ on Monday (December 31), the Oxford-based band are on course to sell around 50,000 CDs this week, which should earn them the top spot in the UK album chart in what is traditionally a quiet week for record sales.

The album was famously released for a limited time as a download in October, and fans were allowed to name their own price. However, this meant the online release was not eligible for the British charts, and the band have refused to release information on its sales to third parties.

“No doubt many people appreciated the opportunity to download the album for free, but this demand also underlines the enduring appeal of the CD,” HMV‘s chart expert Gennaro Castaldo. “As true fans we love to buy and collect albums by our favourite artists in their physical form while also having the opportunity to create our favourite playlists via downloads. The simple truth is we want to have the best of both worlds – to be able to mix and match between physical and digital music, and as retailers we’re doing more and more to cater to this growing trend.”

It’s a thought shared by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who said the band would be “stark raving mad” not to release the album on CD.

Meanwhile ’X Factor’ winner Leon Jackson is expected to hang on to Number One in the UK singles chart next week with ‘When You Believe’.

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