Radiohead fans preferred to download ‘illegal’ versions of ‘In Rainbows’

More people got the album from P2P sites official site?

A study has claimed that more people downloaded Radiohead‘s ‘In Rainbows’ album from illegal peer-to-peer websites than the band’s own site, despite it being offered there for free.

A research paper from P2P monitor Big Champagne and the UK’s MCPS-PRS royalty collector said that 2.3 million people chose to download the album from sites such as BitTorrent rather than

The report called the number “staggering”, saying that it: “far exceeds what outsiders have reported as the estimated download total from the band’s official website, regardless of whether those downloaders paid or not.”

Radiohead have so far refused to disclose either how much money they made from, or how many people downloaded the album from the site in total.