Radiohead world tour first night: fans’ verdict

Fans who went to the band's Florida show have voiced their opinions

Fans who attended the first night (May 5) of the Radiohead world tour at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida have emailed NME.COM with their verdicts of the show.

You can read about what happened at the gig, the first night of Radiohead’s 2008 world tour, on NME.COM now.

NME.COM user Daniel Castillo wrote that the gig was so good that he compared it to a hypnotic experience. “I felt their English nature immediately,” he wrote. “The [atmosphere on] stage, subdued at this point [the start of the gig] was sober and understated.


“On opener ‘All I Need’, for the last bars, the piano kicked in, Phil Selway hit the clash repeatedly and I got the chills. This is why I am here.

“By their second song, [‘Bodysnatchers’] the stage came alive with lights being reflected in tunnel vision. Vertical protruding glass tubes hung in front of four giant screens, creating visual layers with ease and simplicity. I found myself in a deep state of hypnosis, one that would warp time so intensely that two hours passed unnoticed.”

Sao Paulo resident Bruno Granato was also impressed with the show – to which he had travelled from Brazil especially. “It was my first Radiohead live experience,” he wrote. “It was a great set-list with all my favourite songs.

“The band played great performances of ‘Idioteque’, ‘Videotape’, ‘The Gloaming’, ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and ‘Bangers And Mash’ with Thom Yorke on drums. Rock on!”

Blogger Richard Rap was more conservative in his assessment of the show, however. “For an opening night, it was a very good set,” he wrote. “Pacing needs a little reconsideration, however, with a disproportionate number of slower, quieter songs bunched together in the middle. But the sonics were very good considering the venue and the light show was cool, too.

“The beer-swilling audience talked throughout the set, and in the quieter portions of the show the babble was overpowering,” he continued. “I’m an old fart, but I don’t get it – it’s one thing to make occasional comments but it’s another to have an ongoing conversation during the performance.”


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