Radiohead’s Thom Yorke edits new magazine

'In Rainbows' star interviews London Mayor

Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has guest edited the Observer Magazine climate change special edition today (March 23).

In it, the ‘In Rainbows’ musician writes about the importance of acknowledging climate change, pens the Editor’s Letter and interviews London mayor Ken Livingstone.

In his Editor’s Letter Yorke sheds light on his own green conversion, and why he is a ‘climate optimist’.


“I got involved with Friends of the Earth after the UN report on climate change was published in 2003.” declares the musician.

“At first I told Friends of the Earth that I was absolutely the wrong person to be associated with their campaign.

I’ve based my life on touring and the rock industry is a high energy-consuming industry. But they persuaded me that that was exactly why it was a good idea for me to be involved.”

Yorke goes on to explain, “With Radiohead, the most shocking yet obvious thing we discovered was that the way people travel to our shows has the biggest impact.

So we now play in venues that are supported by public transport.”

In his interview with politician Ken Livingstone, Yorke questions the Mayor of London about his radical eco vision for the capital.


Further into their dialogue the Radiohead frontman declares his admiration for the Paris Velib system, where bikes are available for free to be borrowed by citizens.

Livingstone is planning to bring the idea to London.

Yorke says, “I wanted to talk about that Paris bike thing first, because I got really excited when I heard about it.

My mates in Paris say it’s made a massive difference six months down the line… you know, such a psychological difference.”


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