Radiohead’s human trafficking video premieres

Watch 'All I Need' now

Radiohead new video ‘All I Need’ which shows the realities of human trafficking has premiered.

The band joined forces with MTV‘s Campaign Against Human Trafficking for the video. It was filmed in Australia by Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale and director Steve Rogers.

Thom Yorke has called the promo clip “quite powerful.”

He said: “They’ve produced a video of two parallel stories running, one of a little boy in the West and one of a little boy in a sweatshop in the East, and the boy (in the West) ends up buying the shoes from the sweatshop. It’s actually quite powerful.

“It’s the sort of images I have in my head anyway. Sometimes when you’re walking down the high street and you’re looking at the incredibly cheap [shoes), you sort of think, ‘Hmmm, well how did they manage to make that so cheaply?’ It sort of reminds me of one of my preoccupations, so I’m touched that the music goes with that. I think it’s great.”

Speaking about MTV‘s Campaign Against Human Trafficking he said: “I think if (the campaign) does one good thing, it would be to make this concept of slavery — which is what it is — less taboo. If they can make it something that is OK for us to talk about, and for politicians in the West to actually accept that this is an issue, well, then we’re doing a good thing.”

Watch the clip below.