Was ‘OK Computer’ inspired by Thom Yorke’s coursework nightmare?

Did singer's degree problems inspire Radiohead classic?

Could Radiohead’s classic 1997 album ’OK Computer’ have been inspired by the nightmare end of Thom Yorke’s degree?

The singer attended Exeter University, where he studied Fine Art and English and first met Radiohead’s long-term visual collaborator, artist Stanley Donwood, who was also studying there.

Speaking today (October 24), Donwood recalled that, far from being OK with computers, Yorke actually suffered a nightmare end to his degree course due to an early model machine.

“All of Thom’s stuff for his final degree show was done on computer,” he explained. “One of those early ones with a thin slot for the disk in the front.”

Unfortunately, the floppy disc technology did not prove reliable enough for the future Radiohead man.

“I remember somebody wiped his final degree show by accident just before it was due in,” Donwood told Radio 4’s ’Today’ programme. “He had to do it all again in two weeks which he wasn’t pleased about.”

Fortunately, Yorke graduated in the end, but did his early brush with technology inspire his attitudes on ’OK Computer’?

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