Radiohead start work on seventh album

Thom Yorke reveals plans as part of environmental post

Thom Yorke has confirmed that Radiohead have begun recording their seventh album.

The singer told fans about the plans in a bizarre footnote to a posting about the Big Ask environmental campaign.

“We’ve started the record properly now. Staring to get somewhere I think. Finally,” he wrote on the band’s official site before adding:

“If it scares you speechless and wakes you in the night.

If you are bothered about the flooding you keep seeing.

Or those high winds.

Or that there is something not quite right about the fact you’re still Walking round in a T-shirt in October.

Please find out about the the big ask campaign”

The campaign is urging the government to reduce carbon emissions by three per-cent per year by making it law.

“We are hassling all MPs in the uk to write to our glorious leader and get a bill that commits us all to reducing carbon emissions 3percent a year,” explained Yorke. “Its a start. It has to be law. Otherwise it’s never going to happen. And it has to.”