Radiohead announce box set bonus songs

Band to give away live recording with next release

Radiohead have announced the bonus material that will appear with their forthcoming seven-album box set.

As previously reported the band’s old record label Parlophone are re-releasing the seven albums – the six studio releases and live album ’I Might Be Wrong’ as a box set and as a limited edition USB stick.

All seven albums will be featured along with artwork.

For a limited time owners will also be able to access a live performance of the band at the Les Eurockéennes De Belfort festival in France from July 4, 2003.

The extra material will be streamed online and can be accessed via “digital insert” technology.

The performance was previously broadcast on French television and includes tracks the band’s ‘Talk Show Host’ and a cover of Neil Young‘s ‘After The Gold Rush’.

The bonus live material is:

‘There There’


‘Morning Bell’


‘Talk Show Host’


‘The National Anthem’

‘The Gloaming’

‘Fake Plastic Trees’

‘Sail To The Moon’

‘My Iron Lung’

‘Where I End And You Begin’


‘Paranoid Android’


‘After The Gold Rush’/’Everything In Its Right Place’

‘Exit Music (For A Film)’

‘Kid A’

‘Karma Police’

The box sets will be released from December 10.