Radiohead new album: more fan verdicts

'In Rainbows' gets fan reviews

Yesterday (October 12) on NME.COM we printed the second batch of your short reviews of Radiohead’s new album ’In Rainbows’ – and here are some more.

James Wright calls the album “a masterpiece.” He says, ”’In Rainbows’ is a masterpiece from start to finish. Every song takes you somewhere different and just makes you feel like everything around you has stopped.

“Compared to albums like‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ it’s very easy to listen to and in places feels like a completely new band compared to previous outings. It’s a gripping album and has you hooked from the very start.”

Christopher Spriggs said the album: ”Shows Thom’s brilliant songwriting..[It is] well worth the small amount you can pay for it.”

Ben Lavitan says he has grown to love the album. He said: “Through all of the anticipation and build up, nothing really gave an impression of what was to come. Listening to it 4 times thus far I have come to love this album.

“Every listen has yielded something pleasantly new, and I look forward to more over the following months. Only time will tell if ’In Rainbows’ is on it’s way to classic status. But, so far, the outlook is good.”

Jack Philo says: “Radiohead have reclaimed their rightful position as the best band in the world. Long live the saviours of British music.”

Dave Cook said: “’In Rainbows’ starts almost where ‘Hail To The Thief’ left off, a bit odd but as always melodic. As per usual I knew this album would be a departure from their last album and it is, but not the far off weird departure I thought it might be.

“Instead, Radiohead have made a strangely beautiful, pretty album. Who knew they could turn their self-loathing into something that reminds you of the joyful times?”

Andrew Burke disagrees, calling the album: “Overrated crap by a bunch of students for more students to pretend to enjoy. Yawn.”

Stephen Moles says: “It’s one of Radiohead’s most accessible recordings, but definitely not a hit. The band’s awoken from a four year coma, but still seems sleepy… It’s to be expected when this body of work is made from the discarded bones of older songs, with only ’embarrassingly minimal’ new material to flesh it out.”

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