Radiohead announce new release details

Thom Yorke and co confirm live tracks for b-sides

Radiohead have announced full details of their forthcoming new single, ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’.

The single will be released on January 14, and will be available on CD and seven-inch vinyl and download formats.

The CD single will come backed up by two live tracks: ‘Down Is The New Up’ and ‘Last Flowers’, recorded by Thom Yorke live on the ‘From The Basement’ TV show. The seven-inch release will come backed with ‘Videotape’, from the same session.

The album ‘In Rainbows’ will get a physical release on December 31.

The band, meanwhile, announced they will play live dates in the UK next year, though while they said where the shows will take place, they have yet to confirm when.