Radiohead collaborator confirms ‘Burn The Witch’ video is comment on Europe’s refugee crisis

Stop-motion footage shows idyllic village being destroyed by violence

Animator Virpi Kettu has revealed that Radiohead‘s video for new song ‘Burn The Witch’ is a comment on Europe’s refugee crisis.

The stop-motion video was revealed on Tuesday (May 3) and features village of animated characters doing terrible things to one another. In a new interview, Kettu has confirmed the influence of The Wicker Man and Trumpton on the visuals as well as the deeper themes running through the video.

Animator Kettu worked alongside director Chris Hopewell on the video, a brief for which they were handed just two weeks ago. “That’s physically impossible. I had not slept for two weeks,” she told Billboard.

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Kettu cited the “blaming of different people… the blaming of Muslims and the negativity” as something that Radiohead wanted to tackle with the video. The interview also looked at the mysterious postcard some fans received recently that read ‘we know where you live.’ This, Kettu, said was for her, “a suggestion of the current insecurity and blame game spawned by anti-immigration politicians.”

Radiohead have also posted two new pictures to Facebook, which could be artwork for their new album or single release.

The band’s rumoured new album will be their first since 2011’s ‘The King of Limbs’.

During a talk in April, Brian Message, a partner of Radiohead’s management company, reportedly revealed that the band’s new album will be released in June.

Radiohead’s long-time visual collaborator Stanley Donwood said earlier this year (March) that he has heard the band’s new album, describing the LP as “a work of art”, though he also said at the time that the record is not yet finished.