Radiohead artist shares ‘Burn The Witch’ behind-the-scenes shots

"The whole video was conceived, designed, built and animated in 14 days"

Radiohead released their new single ‘Burn The Witch’ earlier today (May 3). The song was accompanied by a stop-motion video, directed by Chris Hopewell and featuring a cast of Trumpton / Camberwick Green-style puppets.

Artist Stanley Donwood was also involved with the video and has taken to Instagram to share a range of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Donwood has been responsible for the band’s artwork since 1994.

Speaking on Instagram, director Hopewell said: “Thank you all for your kind words – it does mean a lot to know it’s going down well. The whole video was conceived, designed, built and animated in 14 days, we finished last Thursday.

“I am immensely proud of everyone that worked their asses off on it – for many of them it was their first film. I shall introduce them in later posts… But for now thank you! You where all bloody brilliant!!! Big love to you all!”

The video was created with crew of about 12 working round the clock to build the puppets and the sets. A smaller team then animated the video.

Radiohead have also posted two new pictures to Facebook, which could be artwork for their new album or single release. ‘Burn The Witch’ will be released on all digital services from Wednesday (May 4). You can watch the stop-motion video below.