KT Tunstall lays into Radiohead on green issue

Singer tells Yorke to keep touring despite the carbon

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s eco stance has been questioned by KT Tunstall.

Yorke voiced his concerns over the green credentials of touring as a band, and suggested he might refrain from going on the road again as a result.

She said: “I don’t agree with that argument (that touring is band for the environment). He (Yorke) puts out less carbon output than a massive conglomerate company.

“And that massive conglomerate company can do nothing, or isn’t interested in doing anything raising awareness about the problem. But Thom Yorke’s got an incredible voice and there’s no point in sabotaging that.”

Ateaseweb reports that she added: “Someone like (him) I’m like pleased go on tour. Because so many people will follow what you say, because they really respect you. And they know that you really know what you’re talking about.”