Radiohead new album: artist reveals cover art clues

Stanley Donwood is trying new technique

Radiohead cover artist Stanley Donwood has revealed some clues behind the artwork for ‘In Rainbows’.

’In Rainbows’ will be released on October 10 and will be available as a download and a discbox.

While the download version of the album does not have a set price, the discbox, which will contain the new album, a second enhanced CD with more songs, digital photographs, artwork and lyric booklets all encased in a hardback book and slipcase, will cost £40.

For the cover Donwood has been trying a photographic etching technique, placing prints into acid baths.

He explained: “The finished product is quite a lush thing. It’s the most over-the-top project I’ve done with them.”

Donwood also promised that the discbox version of the album was worth its £40 price tag.

He told The London Evening Standard: “It depends how rich you are! If you are on the dole, of course it’s a hell of a lot of money. But it costs about that much to go to a Premier League football match, and this project has taken an incredible amount of work.

“It’s been a long journey over 10 months with the artwork evolving as the music has evolved. And it weighs about half a kilo.”