Thom Yorke discusses new Radiohead material

He’s ‘very proud’ of new song

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has discussed their eagerly awaited new material.

As previously reported the frontman performed two new songs – ’Videotape’ and ’Down Is The New Up’ on the internet TV show, which was launched last night (December 18).

On Radiohead’s official site Yorke wrote: “’Videotape’ I was very proud of. And it doesn’t sound like the version that we are working on now…Which is even better…They are sketches obviously just me on the piano. Check it oot [sic].”

Yorke also said that the band were having a seasonal rest. He posted: “We are taking a break now, starting up again in Jan.

“Have a good Christmas everyone if you celebrate it that is, love peace and hope for the future.”