Radiohead new album: ‘band will sign record deal’

Managers admit they need 'infrastructure' to help put album out

Radiohead’s managers have said that the band will sign a record deal to release new album ’In Rainbows’.

As previously reported, the band are releasing their seventh album as a download first on October 10 and fans can name their price.

Managers Chris Hutton and Brice Edge spoke to BBC Radio 4‘s ’Today’ programme this morning (October 4) about the release.

Responding to whether the band would sign a deal, Hutton said: “Yes, absolutely. We’ve got about seven days to sort it out. We tend to fly by the seat of our pants.

“The band think they [are] incredibly proud of this record and feel that it deserves to be brought into the mass marketplace. That’s why we need a record company who have that infrastructure to deliver the CD.”

The managers also denied that the album’s unique selling point marked the death knell of the record industry.

“It’s just another way of doing things,” Hutton said. “Hopefully it will motivate artists and record labels to think about things a lot more and not accept the status quo.”

Edge also said that the band had faith people would not just download the album for free.

“We’re prepared to take a risk,” he explained. “If your music is great, people will then pay for it.”

Hutton added: “The wonderful [thing] is that the consumer can decide how much a download is worth. I’m not sure how much just a digital download is worth. I’m not sure 79p – the iTunes price – is the right price.”

The band also defended the £40 price-tag of the discbox edition of the album.

Hutton argued: “£40 is huge value for money. How many drinks can you have for £40? Can you go out for a meal for that money?”

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