Radiohead producer to launch TV show

Nigel Godrich signs up a host of top acts

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich is launching a new TV show featuring a host of top acts.

‘From The Basement’ will see the likes of Thom Yorke, The White Stripes, Beck, Jamie Lidell and Four Tet perform in the near future.

The first series has already been recorded and the second one is in prodution, reports


Godrich said: “I’m interested in the visual arts side of things, and somehow integrating that into what records have become.

“People don’t buy albums so much because, as a medium, it’s changing, so I’m just trying to figure out what it’s changing into, and chasing after that.”

The show, which features no studio audience, will also be available as a video podcast in the coming weeks, and the first episode will see Thom Yorke take to the stage.

Godrich has also worked with Beck on his forthcoming album ‘The Information’, and he’s made videos for each track along with a series of downloads to be made available on in a bid to compete with MTV.

He added: “MTV destroyed the art of music television, ironically. It took it, held it somewhere, and then actually destroyed it. It turned it into this news magazine. It’s very shallow and uninteresting.”

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