Radiohead reissue rare EP

'Com Lag (2+2=5)' is re-released

Radiohead are set to reissue their rare EP ’Com Lag (2+2=5)’.

The EP was originally released in Japan and Australia in 2004. It will be reissued in the UK on April 16 and the US on May 8.

The tracklisting is:


‘Remyxmomatosis (Cristian Vogel RMX)’

‘I Will (Los Angeles Version)’

‘Paperbag Writer’

‘I Am A Wicked Child’

‘I Am Citizen Insane’

‘Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix)

‘Gagging Order’

‘Fog (Again) (Live)’

‘Where Bluebirds Fly’

‘2+2=5 (Live At Belfort Festival)’