Radiohead to debut ‘In Rainbows’ live in the US?

And Ed O'Brien wants to join Kings Of Leon

Radiohead are in the early stages of planning a tour kicking off in May of next year, says guitarist Ed O’Brien.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music in an interview that aired today (November 19) O’Brien said Glastonbury is a possibility for summer 2008.

He said: “Everything’s on the agenda…if they want us…yeah I mean, I don’t know yet.

“We’ll probably go out in May and head out for the summer, so we’ll be around here June and July. America first.”

However, he then added: “None of this is confirmed, it’s all in the air.”

O’Brien also revealed he’s a massive fan of Kings Of Leon.

The Tennessee family’s song ‘My Party’ was played during Radiohead’s recent webcast, and O’Brien says the band brings out a certain longing.

He admitted: “I don’t get jealous when I see other bands but when I see them I think, ‘Man, I’d love to be in that band’. They’re young…they remind me of… the Bunnymen or something like that. They’re growing, they’re evolving… They’re amazing players, the drummer, he’s amazing. They’re all great but he’s really special.”

The interview also saw Thom Yorke admitting that he downloaded ‘In Rainbows’ for free.

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