Radiohead want to put ‘excitement’ back into music

Colin Greenwood says bands have become 'horribly predictable'

Radiohead have spoken out against the music industry, calling its current state “horribly predictable”.

Speaking about the revolutionary way their new album ’In Rainbows’ was made available, bassist Colin Greenwood said that band wanted to shake things up.

Ateaseweb printed samples of the band’s interview with the Columbia Spectator, during which Greenwood said: “I hope we put some excitement back into music; It’s all becoming horribly predictable.”

Meanwhile, guitarist Ed O’Brien also revealed that the track’Bodysnatchers’ defined what Radiohead was about at the moment.

He said: “’Bodysnatchers’ remind us of Tottenham House, a decrepit mansion where we recorded some of the album. This track reflects the weird energy of the house. There isn’t anything that specific in relation to Radiohead as a whole, if that makes sense.”