Radiohead new album: pre-ordering crisis

Jonny Greenwood admits faults with website

With the shock announcement on their official website that the new album ’In Rainbows’ will be released in little more than a week, fans have been encountering problems with pre-ordering the album.

As previously reported, the download version will be available on October 10, while the discbox will be ready to ship on or before December 3, exclusively through

However, guitarist Jonny Greenwood has said that massive interest in the band’s seventh studio album has caused problems with pre-ordering it.


He told the band’s official site: “Just to let you know…(official website) w.a.s.t.e are working on the current gear- grinding at…it’s getting busy in there – busier than they expected.

“So, if you please bear with us, it should get cleared out soon. I sound like a bouncer. Get behind the rope. No denim. Thanks for your patience with the site + interest in the record.”

The band have not set a price for the download version of the album, leaving the price field blank and letting the customers decide how much to pay for the release.

You can now

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