Radioheads new album: how much will you pay?

Band are letting fans choose how much to spend on 'In Rainbows'

Radiohead are set to release a new album next week (October 10) and they’re letting you choose how much to pay for it.

As previously reported, ‘In Rainbows’ will be available as a download from Radiohead.COM, but crucially fans can choose how much they want to pay for the record when they pre-order it.

So how much do you think the new Radiohead album is worth? We want you to tell us how much you have spent, or would spend on the album and why?

Simply send your comment plus you name and age to with Radiohead in the subject line, and we’ll publish your comments on NME.COM later today (October 10).

You can now

get a sneak preview of what the new Radiohead album sounds like on the NME Office Blog.

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