Radiohead album web page is hoax

It reaches a (gh)astley conclusion

A web page claiming to be a countdown to the new Radiohead album has exposed itself as a hoax.

A clock on the page, at, had been counting down to 8am (BST) this morning. Information on the page claimed it had been taking readers to Radiohead‘s seventh album.

The band told NME.COM yesterday (September 28) it was a hoax, but fans were keen to see what would happen when the countdown ran out.

Well from 8am, anyone clicking on the page is taken to a new space which reads “The most gigantic lying hoax of all time”, before diverting users to YouTube and the video for fallen 80s ginger popster Rick Astley with his track ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

There have been days of coded messages on the band’s official website and admissions that they have finished the album, which added plausability to the website and this morning’s announcement.

Hopes have now been dashed by Rick Astley.